003: Attrition, Artillery, and Air Power — Future of the Russia-Ukraine War + The Great Food Debate

003: Attrition, Artillery, and Air Power — Future of the Russia-Ukraine War + The Great Food Debate

In a special Halloween episode (003) of The Long Telegram podcast, join Clay Graubard and the hosts as they delve into the complexities of the ongoing war in Ukraine. They start by assessing the portrayal of Ukrainian President Zelensky in a Time Magazine article and unravel corruption issues affecting military aid. Ezra Brodey examines the shift towards traditional attritional warfare in the conflict, while the panel explores the critical role of artillery, comparing the outputs of the US and Russia. Ben Wheeler weighs in on air superiority's role in modern combat, and Andrew Eaddy critiques the redirection of US defense spending towards bolstering its own military capabilities in anticipation of a multipolar world.

The conversation shifts to strategies and potential outcomes of the conflict, with insights on NATO's capabilities, Russian military strength, and the political scene in Ukraine. As the discussion advances, they touch on the controversial US moves in Ukrainian politics, the challenges in missile production, and the viability of nuclear deterrence in contemporary international relations.  In a lighter vein, the episode concludes with personal reflections on Jewish culture, food, and the culinary scene in London.

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Hosts: @ClayGraubard, @AndrewJEaddy, @Ezra_Brodey, @D1Wheeler

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