002: Is the United States and Iran headed for War? + Israel-Hamas, Turkey-Sweden NATO Updates

002: Is the United States and Iran headed for War? + Israel-Hamas, Turkey-Sweden NATO Updates

In episode 002 of The Long Telegram, join hosts Clay Graubard, Andrew Eaddy, Ben Wheeler, and Ezra Brodey as they delve deep into the escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. They examine the probability of a full-scale war, assess military strategies, and discuss the role of proxy conflicts.

Segments include insights into Israel's complex relationship with Iran and the U.S., including a discussion on Netanyahu's recent speech on Israel, Hamas, and Palestine. Ezra Brodey shares skepticism about the efficacy of Patriot missile systems against Iranian ballistic attacks, while Andrew Eaddy voices concerns about increased international alliances bolstering Iran’s position.

The panel also covers potential Russian involvement, scrutinizing the likelihood of Russia aiding Iran in a conflict and how Russian missile technology could affect U.S. assets in the region. On a broader scale, Turkey's evolving role in the Middle East and NATO is discussed, particularly the implications of Sweden’s NATO membership bid.

Questions about US military preparedness, the potential for multi-front conflicts in Israel, and the effectiveness of counterterrorism strategies round out this comprehensive episode.

Listen for a detailed, multi-faceted conversation that spans from the geopolitics of the Middle East to the complexities of global alliances.

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Hosts: @ClayGraubard, @AndrewJEaddy, @Ezra_Brodey, @D1Wheeler (Ben Wheeler)

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