001: Will Israel fight a Multi-Front War after invading Gaza?

001: Will Israel fight a Multi-Front War after invading Gaza?

To celebrate hitting 50,000 subscribers, we decided to gather some of our favorite voices in geopolitics for this special episode of The Long Telegram. In this episode, Clay and Andrew are joined by Ben Wheeler, producer of the Philip DeFranco TikTok channel, and Ezra Brodey, a geopolitical and prediction market thought leader.

With the largest story in geopolitics today, the Israel-Palestine conflict, continuing to unfold by the minute, emotions are running high. We wanted to sit down and discuss the conflict from an apolitical, hopefully somewhat objective point of view, and model how we can have productive conversations about difficult topics.

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Hosts: @ClayGraubard, @AndrewJEaddy, @Ezra_Brodey, @D1Wheeler (Ben Wheeler)

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